Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fresh shaven, in Dublin

These guys were jamming!

Cowboy in Dublin. This guy played "Blue Suede Shoes" both times I walked by. People were screaming for Johnny Cash.

You see the strangest things in Temple Bar.

Drumming on a box.

This guy would pope into scary poses whenever someone threw money in his jar, and then freeze in that position until the next person threw some change. Scary! I think his pointy ears are real (he had them made that way), and he was wearing freaky contacts.

There was this huge group of people dancing. The girls were dancing "Irish style" in heels! Crazy! The guy on the right approached me afterwards and told me "Don't take my photo, I'm Irish." I didn't even realize he was there!

More of the crazy dancing in the middle of the street. And yes, that is my crazy "friend" on the left that looks like he is about the throw a punch.

There were abut 5 girls who were all wearing mustaches.


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